March 31, 2011

Mike Huebsch and the living constitution

"[G]iven the most recent court action we will suspend the implementation of it at this time." — WI DoA Sec.
Evidently implementation meant something different yesterday.
"This is judicial activism at its worst." — Scott Fitzgerald
God almighty man, quit making this Great State a laughing stock.

And from JBVH's Department of Justice (via @news3jessica):
[W]e expect a higher court will need to weigh in on the fundamental issues of constitutional law and judicial issues.
Be careful what you wish for, as that ominous proverb goes.

Because you may wind up with no last resort left but The Hague.


Anonymous said...

fitting, since they all seem to be the Haig ("I'm in control now.")

Anonymous said...

Am I worrying needlessly, Illy-T? That is, you have clearly laid out the legal reasoning for Judge Sumi's case, and seemingly countered the conservative arguments, but has she even used that rationale in her ruling?
Why hasn't she given a specific ruling using you arguments? Is it another court that will ultimately decide?

Just some clarity for peace of mind. Thanks, if you get the chance to respond.

concernedcitizen, jsonline blog contributor

illusory tenant said...

The case is ongoing and Judge Sumi has no obligation to explain every step in her reasoning to Rick Esenberg, but it's quite obvious to the rest of us what reasoning she's following. Anyway, that's why they call it a hearing: She's hearing the case, and hasn't decided it yet.

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks Illy-T. That is what I thought, the judge has the discretion of giving her ruling in part, in full, or not at all.

That is the why the right is claiming that she has no clue what she is doing and is circumventing justice by not offering her legal reasoning now, when actually she knows what is going on.

concernedcitizen, jsonline blogger

illusory tenant said...

"the right is claiming that she has no clue what she is doing"

The irony is at once both tragic and comic. She knows exactly what she is doing and I guarantee you she is several steps ahead of "the right" at any given moment.