March 15, 2011

What's in the Randy Hopper today

Madison's Channel 3000 reports:
It is correct that my husband, Randy Hopper, started an affair in January 2010 with a then-25-year-old Republican aide.
Closer to home, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Dan Bice apparently doesn't care for the story, on privacy grounds. And insofar as this is an obviously painful personal situation, Bice's scorn is not misplaced.

But this is no longer a case of "liberal bloggers" circulating a rumor. By writing a letter to the press, it's something one of the interested parties wants the public to know about. She didn't have to do that.

Hopper teevee spot: "Madison's broken. The system needs overhaul."

Hopper’s campaign spokesperson Jeff Harvey wrote "Senator Hopper maintains an apartment in the district where he lives." . . . The address provided is not an apartment, but a Town of Empire home co-owned by a campaign contributor who is also an employee of a radio station owned by Hopper. The radio station employee has yet to return a call from WKOW27 News seeking comment on whether Hopper is residing in her home.
Hopper's residence uncertain

That can't be good.


Anonymous said...

welcome to mystery science channel 3000.

Anonymous said...

That took real courage on her part. Would it be simpler to just have a meeting with a couple good reporters?