March 11, 2011

Ed Garvey should show his work

This is a noteworthy claim:
Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce put about $6 million into [Wis. S. Ct. Justice David Prosser's] campaign.
For one thing Prosser went the public financing route, so his campaign can't accept WMC contributions. For another, Prosser was appointed to the court. And another, he ran unopposed in his only election to the office. So how did WMC put $6M into his campaign?

Or is that a prediction.


Anonymous said...

Not to be the wet blanket, but can't conservatives make the same claim if Kloppenberg emerges victorous? Wouldn't her vote "benefit" a specific side?

I suppose one could argue that Prosser is involved in "pay for play" and therefore our checks and balances system is being threatened.

Is Kloppenberg receiving donations which can be construed as "buying her off"? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking. The answer is "no." Look up Caperton v. Massey. Do your research.

illusory tenant said...

Kloppenburg is not "accept[ing] financial contributions from any source."