March 22, 2011

Stop the turd. Now I am the turd?

Good grief:
Incumbent Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser criticized comments made by people on challenger Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg's Facebook page. Prosser quoted one of the Facebook comments: "Stop the turd, vote Kloppenburg." "Now, am I the turd?" Prosser said.*
Shortly after the debate, Kloppenburg posted to Twitter:
Be sure to suggest our Facebook page to your friends ...

The election is April 5.

* I'm thinking the turd was Scott Walker.


xoff said...

I say both.

Display Name said...

Prosser said? " 'Stop the turd, vote Kloppenburg.' "Now, am I the turd?" is much funnier if you say it out loud in Zoidberg's voice.

Anonymous said...

You may not believe me, but as the poster of the infamous "stop the turd" facebook post, I was indeed referring to Mr Walker. If you thought that was funny, you might go and do a Youtube search for "Kloppenburg defeats Prosser"