March 29, 2011

Video of Justice Prosser yelling and stuff

A One Wisconsin Now production.

Not to detract from OWN's message too much, but most of those clips are of Justice Prosser rightly tearing a strip off of the cheeky liberal activist Mike McCabe, who in my view richly deserved it.


Display Name said...

Whatsoever he'll do to the least of my brothers, that he'll do unto me.

I like to think that justices are masters of snarky legal put-downs, but a man can dream, no?

Mike said...

No, that is not the way people expect a judge to behave on the bench, no matter the provocation. I hope to hell Judge Sumi doesn't act that way for what is significantly more provocative behavior from Scott Fitzgerald. I don't expect her to either; presumably she has the sense to know that it would lead many people to question her judicial temperament.

Pete Gruett said...

I'm with Mike. So much of the nightmare circus we've found ourselves in lately boils down to elected officials lacking a basic, professional respect for the office they hold.

Yes, a blogger said something mean about you. You're a justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, not Judge Judy. Pull yourself together.

It seems it's not such a long road between disregarding professional decorum in a hearing and nullifying the professional consequences for, say, lying in an election campaign.

CJ said...

I will not be voting for Prosser for a multitude of reasons, yet the video was unimpressive. The fist movements were from a trial where he was a prosecutor. Pretty obvious. OWN would have been better to print exceprts of his "lack of defense" of his behavior when asked about calling the Chief Justice a bitch. He was really weak on that one. It demonstrated a total disconnect between his behavior and his ability to assume responsibility for his actions. OWN is going to have to do better to sway the sheeple.

krshorewood said...

Seems like Sumi doing what she's doing will be more irritating to Scott Fitzgerald, to the extent that he can comprehend it.