March 16, 2011

Wisconsin Republican flack quote of the day

You got to admit, they're entertaining:
"We are supremely confident that we followed the law perfectly," said Andrew Welhouse, a spokesman for Wisconsin Senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald.
I wonder if he chose that particular adjective deliberately. But whether he did or he didn't the waft of hubris is overwhelming.

Excellent story by Patrick Marley.

That gang is catching more lawsuits than a Ford Pinto. However they did manage to go one day without violating a constitution, mostly because they're in D.C. nibbling on their benefactors' canap├ęs.


Display Name said...

With the elimination of union-based arbitration structures, and with the rush of power caused by putting more discretionary hire-fire power put into the hands of city managers and school principals and superintendents, think of all the new lawsuits that'll cause.

Anonymous said...

Actually they said that because the Chief Senate Clerk said what they wanted to do meets the rules.

As for violating constitutions, maybe you should ask Obama if he's heard of the U.S. Constitution - and I don't mean the ship.

John - As for putting hire/fire power in the hands of the managers/principals - ummmm, got news for you - that's where it belongs. The employees don't get to decide under what conditions they can be fired especially in the case of unions where the answer is pretty much never.

Display Name said...

You miss my point, Anony. Heck, it was only one sentence. Like it or not, the unions provided an HR-like structure for the resolution of disputes. If you wish to remove the unions, you should have the smarts to realize you'll need to find - and pay for - new methods of providing the same services and checks-and-balances to your organization. Tossing new powers at admins who haven't had them before seems risky to me, too. After all, we're often told that those public-sector bureaucrats aren't wise in the ways in private-sector management.