March 1, 2011

Suspicion falls on Real Walker, not Fake Koch

Beautiful, beautiful.

Remember that goofball blog post by the right-wing law professor in New York suggesting fake Koch committed a Wisconsin felony?

An alternative view, from Dane County DA Ismael Ozanne:
Ozanne said he would be interested in knowing more about what conversations the governor had with others about planting instigators in the mass of peaceful demonstrators outside the Capitol. "At this time I do not find any criminal liability," Ozanne said, although he added that he was concerned about the statements Walker made to "Koch."
And unlike Prof. Jacobson, DA Ozanne possesses real authority.

Walker later made the press rounds, insisting the point was that the agents provocateur ultimately weren't planted. Reporters accepted that and moved on. However the more troubling point is that he considered it at all, giving no indication he shut the idea down immediately, which is what should be expected from a governor.

Furthermore Walker said the reason troublemakers weren't planted among the peaceful protesters was not because it was an outrageous and unlawful scheme, but that it would harm his political position.

Presumably those considerations are why the DA remains interested.

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