March 3, 2011

Welcome to Scott Walker's Wisconsin

Where State Senate Republicans have just resolved to apprehend and take into custody a pregnant woman, by force, for political reasons.

The Senate may hold its members in contempt and it may punish those members, but it clearly is neither necessary nor authorized by the constitution to apprehend them through the use of physical force.

Either proceeding can take place with those members in absentia.

But let them try. It's good for the "PR war," which they keep losing.

eta: And the same consortium of private lawyers* is advising Senate Republican leaders which lost its bid in Oconto County yesterday to have a circuit judge violate the constitutional separation of powers.

It would come as little surprise if State attorneys refused to put their names to such a document. Notably, the consortium of lawyers is unable to cite any Wisconsin precedent. Evidently the two Scotts Walker and Fitzgerald desire to set it. For their respective legacies.

* Acting as agent for a Republican party chairman. Fancy that.


Anonymous said...

Gubber Pyle, "Citizen arrest, citizen arrest".

Jay Bullock said...

I wouldn't really want it to happen, but the repeated playing on news shows across the land of a frogmarched Julie Lassa would, possibly literally, end Walker's career. It would be very bad--what's the word these days?--optics for him.

Anonymous said...

the dems need to whistle the "colonel bogie march" as they're being led away.