March 17, 2011

Prosser: Publicly funded candidates not credible

But for the fact Prosser is himself a publicly funded candidate

Sez the incumbent conservative Supreme Court justice of his challenger, Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg:
[S]uddenly we have three candidates who probably wouldn't be particularly credible as candidates if they didn't have a grant.
Funny, because Prosser applied for and accepted the same public grants as Kloppenburg so that's sure a curious measure of credibility.

Incidentally there were only two of those three primary challengers who partook of Wisconsin's public campaign financing scheme. Marla Stephens, who has thrown her support behind Kloppenburg, did not so partake, thus apparently JoAnne Kloppenburg has the wholehearted endorsement of the most credible candidate of them all, and one who might presumably recognize credibility when she sees it in others.

Meanwhile local wing-nut ringmaster Charlie Sykes has reportedly deemed Kloppenburg "a complete mediocrity." If I was her, I'd put that endorsement at the top of my Facebook in 48-point boldface.

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