March 8, 2011

Reality continues to amaze Scott Fitzgerald

Your grasp of reality, and control of your caucus as minority leader, continues [sic] to amaze me. — Scott Fitzgerald
Wisconsin State Senate Republican leader Scott Fitzgerald heaps scorn on his Democratic counterpart, minority leader Sen. Mark Miller. The reality is that the 14 Democrats — Miller's entire caucus — remain united in their resistance to the union-busting provisions in Fitz and Governor Scott Walker's so-called "budget repair bill."

Scott Fitzgerald's own personal "reality," on the other hand, involves issuing ersatz "arrest warrants" against his political opponents.

Appearing telephonically on MSNBC's The Last Word yesterday, Fitzgerald strayed far from the reservation by declaring federal stimulus funds improved the State's fiscal situation, and incorrectly attributed a remark of Henry David Thoreau's to Thomas Jefferson.

Fitz also alleged two of the Democrats make frequent visits across the Illinois border to Kenosha, WI, an indication of how phony his "arrest warrants" are, otherwise Fitz would have had the two "carried ... feet first" into the Wisconsin Senate in accordance with the advice of his privately retained Republican attorneys, who recently filed a suit in Oconto County that they had to know they would lose.

Rather, the conservative attorneys did so to obtain an ancillary statement they could present to Fitzgerald, which they didn't quite obtain, but affirmatively claimed they did anyway, in a memo to Fitz.

Meanwhile Walker "speculates" Miller has been on the phone with labor leaders "in Washington or whatever," "with no apparent irony."

Recall (pun intended) that according to a conservative think tank's poll, 65% of Wisconsinites want Walker to compromise, and the only compromise at issue is the continuing right to collective bargaining.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the provision imposing fees for frivolous lawsuits in the "tort reform" law might apply...

Anonymous said...

Better yet, look at 946.68, Wis. Stats., Simulating Legal Process. It's a crime.

illusory tenant said...

I'm pretty sure the legal process was real; it's the means by which the end was (allegedly) obtained that might raise a brow.

Grant said...

Omens and portents.

Anonymous said...

Is this really surprising? Its the GOP way. Get the antagazizors out, they purchased the stae troppers already, war is the GOP only option when reality is not acceptable, let alone even moderately listened to.

gnarlytrombone said...

Just read through your exchange with our esteemed state treasurer. Yowza. Someday he'll realize the Internets never forget.

Display Name said...

(3) This section applies even though the simulating document contains a statement to the effect that it is not legal process.

Damned if you do, damned if you say you don't.

Anonymous said...

Fitz is more clueless than Walker.

illusory tenant said...

Omens and portents

"Gray area."

That leaves arrest as the only option.

our esteemed state treasurer.

Isn't that something? Hope he counts better than he reads.

Display Name said...

Ah, the sound of backtracking and self-realization in the morning! Is that the whisper of a perhaps-we-acted-rashly that I hear?

Let's hope the treasurer tweets have been saved in sequence for later study.

illusory tenant said...

Schuller: BOMB THREAT At Scott Walker News Conference – Leftist Protester Arrested! via @gatewaypundit

Me: You sound almost excited. RT @WITreasSchuller BOMB THREAT At Scott Walker News Conference – Leftist Protester Arrested!

Jim the D: @WITreasSchuller Leftist? Seriously? Is it 1951 on your planet?

Schuller: @JimTheD The fact that this received no media attention is my point. It was uncovered by a blogger. the content is his and his alone

Schuller: @illusory_tenant The fact that a bomb threat was made and no one in the media reported it is my point. The bloggers content belongs to him

Me: @WITreasSchuller Hoft didn't uncover it. It was on last night. And Hoft thinks subtitles for the deaf are applause signs.

Schuller: @illusory_tenant I stand corrected since I know that Chippewa,com is widely recognized as the go to news source for people in the know

Me: @WITreasSchuller Funny. Anyway, NO confirmation alleged threat was connected with Walker's appearance, nor that suspect is a "leftist."

Me: Also, @WITreasSchuller, the alleged threat was made "hours after Governor Scott Walker held a news conference there," contra the daft Hoft.

[Later ... ]

Schuller: [RT @SykesCharlie] Nuke option? WI Senate can eliminate collective bargaining for teachers — even without Democrats who fled

Me: @WITreasSchuller Re: "Nuke option." Tell Walker to stop insisting the CBA-stripping is a fiscal bill. See: []

Schuller: @illusory_tenant Thanks I will be sure to have them subpoena you to testify if we take this step and the dems challenge it in court

Me: @WITreasSchuller I remain, at your service, good and kind sir.

gnarlytrombone said...

He's also regularly retweeting Badger Blogger. It's a new day when a high state official has no second thoughts about associating himself with that element.

Atlanta Roofing said...

Looking from the outside, other countries don't see Republican¬s and Democrats. This is not a political issue based on party principles¬. What you have are a bunch of crooks infesting your government from both sides and Wall St. robbing you blind. Stop fighting amongst yourselves and find some common ground to take your country back from the hands of thieves. Surely the meltdown in 2008 opened everyone's eyes as to what is going on. Why hasn't anyone gone to jail? Why hasn't anything changed? Wake up America.