March 30, 2011

Dane County Republicans sure are a sad bunch

All five or six of the poor sods.

Get a load of this willful self-embarrassment. How pathetic.

As I was just saying, ad hominem is the best they can muster. No argument and worse: failed humor. It's desperation, plain and simple.

Hope they really enjoy JoAnne Kloppenburg for Supreme Court taking 70% of the vote there on Tuesday, thanks to their scofflaw "leaders."


Display Name said...

Yikes, that was bad. Not even College Republican bad. High-school nanny-nanny boo-boo bad.

I've only only ever been offered foie gras or caviar at right-wing social-climber cocktail parties.

At the lefty parties, it's more the artisanal cheese ("this one is two sheep cheeses, the morning milk and the evening milk, separated by a fine layer of grape-vine ash"), brie en croute, and probably three varieties of hummus.

illusory tenant said...

Seriously. What was on their $1000-a-plate jamboree for Jeff Stone the other day, ground chuck on white toast?

mal said...

Like you said: Sad.

But National Lampoon funny; even those guys could not make this stuff up.

[Redacted] said...

Whoever wrote that press release has a future in writing. How so? That many uses of "left," "left-wing," and "leftist" clearly qualifies the author to ghostwrite for one Jonah Goldberg on NRO. I'm sure Goldberg would appreciate the help, since he's doubtless off writing another book accusing liberals of being fascists. And no one would ever know the difference.