March 20, 2011

The best line in WI Gov Scott Walker's emails

Is the Associated Press disclaimer:
The messages appear as written, though the AP has removed profanity.
Substantial support.

Earlier: Scott Walker receives 8,000 emails

eta: Scott Walker once dismissed opponents of his union-busting antics as being "mostly from out-of-State" but these days Scott Walker is touting out-of-State support for his union-busting antics.


tomkraj said...

Sorry I did not send an email to Gov. Walker advising him that I oppose his budget repair bill. Please join me in telling him what you think and share this address with your friends. Don't forget to tell him you are a Wisconsin voter. His email address is:

Pete Gruett said...

I'm not sorry I didn't send an email to the Gov. I went to the square instead, a more difficult thing to do even for someone who lives in Madison.

In the end it's irrelevant how many people sent form emails to Scooter. We protested specifically because it's people actually getting up and doing something that gets attention, fleeting as it may be when you don't have a media conglomerate propping up your movement.

We'll see if any of it counts in recall elections in the coming year.

Heraldblog said...

After receiving no response from the governor's office, the AP and Isthmus filed a joint lawsuit on March 4 seeking the e-mails. A settlement reached March 16 called for Walker to release the messages and pay the organizations' attorney fees, which came to $7,000.

Must be part of the Governor's "Wise Use of Taxpayers' Money" initiative.