March 27, 2011

Stone "considering a number of blacks" for his staff

Affirmative action returns to GOP platform
Suburban white Republican seeks inner city black male for coffee

Hilarious. Jeff Stone's campaign manager says LaMonte Harris "was a good deal" (at $1500/wk). Candidate for Milwaukee County executive Jeff Stone now has to decide who is the worse association: former alderman and current federal inmate Mike McGee, Jr., or Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who's about porkchop-at-a-bar-mitzvah popular.

And for all his sins, Mike McGee never violated the constitution.

Scott Walker ally Jeff Stone complained that associations with Walker were "demonizing" Stone. Wait until he gets a load of Mike McGee. Stone is also Chas. Sykes's boy, which could create some havoc given the ancient enmity between McGee and the WTMJ radio harlequin.
Other community activists were asking for much more money, including one who wanted $100,000 to help Stone establish ties with the city's black population.
He got the estimate right. Big jobs don't come cheap yo. Then there's this. Isn't it a bit late for Jeff Stone (R-Greendale) to be figuring out Milwaukee now? I'm pretty sure I had it down after about three days.

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