March 3, 2011

Scott Walker's bad faith bargaining

The Wisconsin governor racks up yet another falsehood:
Walker says the State is broke, so broke that there's no money, and because there's no money, he is unwilling to negotiate over the terms of the budget-repair bill.
That's the key. State of Wisconsin employees are fighting to retain their rights to collective bargaining, which they've been guaranteed for decades. Among the more compelling reasons why they should retain those rights is perfectly demonstrated by Republican Governor Scott Walker himself: So they can maintain the negotiating tools to show how shamelessly disingenuous their current employer is.

They should also demand a more honest broker than Walker or any of the other Republican politicians that have been talking up this lie.

And "bad faith" takes on an additional meaning when you consider that even Milwaukee's Catholic (and conservative) archbishop has criticized Scott Walker for his Kochian union-busting tactics.

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