March 23, 2011

Wisconsin's Scott Fitzgerald is a skilled politician

In news from the People's Republicans of Fitzwalkerstan:
"I would just be somewhat cautious in whatever we do so that it doesn't end up creating sympathy for the Dems," Tad Ottman, a Fitzgerald aide, wrote to his chief of staff.
Scott Fitzgerald, the GOP leader of the State Senate whose petty arrogance is the stuff of national legend, proceeded to issue 14 ersatz arrest warrants for the Democrats, supported by a legal memorandum which advised having a six-months-pregnant woman "carried ... feet first" into the Capitol building in Madison.*

I shite you not.

The authors of the memo insisted that Fitzgerald's authority to "compel" the attendance of the 14 Senators was without limit.

And evidently Fitzgerald took them seriously.

I spotted one of the 14 in a room in Shorewood the other night and made a point of shaking his hand vigorously and thanking him.

Fitzgerald, I guess you can thank the "Tea Party" for him.

* Ironically, a Dane County circuit court judge found that Fitzgerald's accomplice, Gov. Scott Walker, violated the Wisconsin constitution when he barred pregnant women from entering the Capitol building.'

Damned if you "carr[y] ... feet first," damned if you don't.

eta — Fitz lawyer: Dems' departure was a 9-11 type emergency

Blessedly, those charnel houses resist trivializing by dint of the extravagant delusions of grandeur of a Republican-for-hire lawyer.

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