March 14, 2011

Ann Althouse's legal research 101

Ruh roh: Inexplicably popular Wisconsin blogger/reported professor of law Ann Althouse is in horrified semi-dudgeon over a remark made by State Supreme Court candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg:
At a forum at the Waukesha County Courthouse [Thursday]:
"Justice Prosser has sent a clear message that he will favor the agenda of Gov. (Scott) Walker and the Republican Legislature," Kloppenburg said. "I will apply the law to the facts of the cases before me and decide them without prejudice."
What is her basis for attributing a "clear message" like that to Prosser? If she doesn't have a solid basis for that statement — and I can't see what it is — how is that supposed to jibe with her self-image as a dutiful applicant of law to fact?
Ever the keen observer, Prof. Althouse* proceeds to link to a column by the Isthmus's Bill Lueders which clearly describes Kloppenburg's "basis" and further provides Kloppenburg's own statement:
In a press release on 12/8/2010, the Prosser Campaign promised that returning the incumbent to the bench would "[protect] the conservative judicial majority" on the Court which would then be able to "act as a common sense compliment [sic] to both the new administration and legislature."
Twice, right there in Althouse's own link, yet: "I can't see what it is."

It's old news anyway.

Pro Tip: Read own links before engaging the fauxtrage.

* That comments thread is hilarious.

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