August 18, 2011

Prosser to Simac: Will Prosser hear Simac case?

It says here.
"In sum, when all the facts are examined, I do not have a favorite 'horse in this race,'" Justice Prosser wrote.
How can he say that, because all of the facts are yet to be examined.

Indeed the court today issued an order requesting the parties to produce memoranda addressing ten separate questions, each of which is loaded up with factual determinations. Justice Prosser did not participate in that order, which may be an indication that he won't be present when the court hears oral arguments after lunch on Tuesday, September 6.*
Previously, an aide to Prosser had said the justice would remain on the case.
That would be Brian Nemoir,** Prosser's "campaign director." Why in the world does a sitting Supreme Court justice have a campaign director?

Back in the day, the judiciary was distinguished from the other two "political branches" of government. That is no longer the case, evidently.

Anyway why are they just getting around to dealing with this now? Was I the only one who noticed these cozy relationships four months ago?

That can't be possible. Great idea, this electing the Supreme Court.

Maybe it was in Andrew Jackson's time.

* Or what is more likely, the court dismisses this case altogether.

** For it was he.

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Mike said...

Our betters are uniformly against electing judges, with newspapers in particular having a field day lately. Prosser throttles Bradley - by God, the Court is broken! It reflects on the system of selecting judges you see, not on Justice Prosser.

I suppose we could go with the federal approach, where lifetime appointees overturn national elections for partisan purposes with impunity (Bush v Gore).

I think you will see that the public won't buy it - Lockean rationality and all that.