August 8, 2011

Penultimate handicappin' with WisPolitics, whose reporters are generally pretty comprehensive and attentive, does not have the best news on offer for the Wisconsin GOP. Of the six incumbent Republican Senators facing recall elections tomorrow, WisPolitics considers two, Robert Cowles and Sheila Harsdorf, safe. Of the other four, two appear doomed and two are toss-ups.

Two doomed plus just one of those toss-ups will turn the trick. On the other hand, losing both toss-ups will be among the most deflationary events in political history, for the Democrats and their supporters.

Tomorrow is an enormous gamble on the part of those latter factions.

[That's enough understatement. — ed.]



Mike said...

Disappointed sure but deflated no, speaking as one who has invested a fair amount in this, including emotionally. I've been waiting for this moment for thirty years, and by "moment" I don't mean one election.

Anonymous said...

I rarely take stock in these predictions. Let the chips fall where they will; hopefully, the Senate is in Democratic control after tomorrow. Regardless of the outcome, the spin machines will be out in full force Wednesday morning. If Republicans maintain serve, they will claim their victories are a "repudiation", with Democrats softening that assessment with John Paul Jones aplomb. And if the roles are reversed, vice versa. Regardless of the outcome, Walker will get recalled. Whether or not he will be defeated that remains to be seen. And I contend it will be the independents who voted for Walker--if they share the anger and are in the mood to be willing to make the change midstream--will be the key in removing him from office.

illusory tenant said...

All polls seem to show very small number of undecideds.