August 16, 2011

Poll: Wisconsin Democrats safe as milk

Double-digit leads in today's final two races, reports David Nir.

Commenter Mike points out that Public Policy Polling, cited for the double-digit leads above, has compiled an impressive scorecard in predicting the first seven of this summer's nine State Senate recall elections. The Republicans are running a Chicago corporate attorney who presumably and for whatever reason must be seeking about a 75% pay cut and is reportedly being investigated for providing domicile to a non-compliant sex offender from Minnesota,* and a far-right paranoid and author of a firearms manual for three-year-olds. Nevertheless, local wing-nut Steve Prestegard calls these two characters "obvious choices."

For all the same reasons why they're obviously very poor choices.

* See out-of-State agitators.


Anonymous said...

Why is that poll even being cited? Way too much stock being put into its numbers.

Two toss ups in all reality.

Are there people that ignorant to vote for Simac? Unfortunately, yes.

illusory tenant said...

Why is that poll even being cited?

Couple of reasons, I reckon. Because they cap off a string of nine polls by the same polling outfit -- and using the same methodology, presumably -- in what everybody agrees is an unprecedented set of elections that barely anybody else has polled; because if they turn out to be as accurate as the previous seven, then conservatives can finally stop with the ad hominem dismissals of PPP's Democratic bias;* and because if these two polls were released after the election, nobody would believe them.

* I know; this is wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Illy-T, but IF the results turn out in the Republicans favor, there's a lot of SteveEgg on Democrats face!

Sorry for the pun!

illusory tenant said...

I agree Simac winning would be a terrible yolk.

Anonymous said...

Eggcellent! I better stop while I'm behind.

Again, keep up the good work!