August 21, 2011

Fitzvanwalkerstan comment of the week

Let me get this straight — I work as an attorney for the State and earn less than $25.00 an hour. Walker hires his attorney buddies from the Republican Party at a rate almost 16 TIMES more per hour than I and many other State attorneys make and he calls us "haves?" Let's see ... $25 an hour versus $395 an hour. Why aren't the taxpayers crying foul over their tax dollars now? I guess all you Walker supporters think it is better value for your tax dollars to pay attorneys to clean up Walker's mess rather than to prosecute crimes or defend the poor. — PursuitOfJustice

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grumps said...

Just as a point of clarity, Troupis is not on the payroll to clean up the administration's messes.

He has been hired to generate the administration's messes.