August 1, 2011

Wisconsin's out-of-State agitators

"Go to Hell!"Andrew Breitblart of Los Angeles speaks to Wisconsin

The WISGOP and its fellow travelers are currently bitching about out-of-State contributions to efforts to unseat at least three Republican incumbent State Senators on August 9. According to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign's database, the Wisconsin Supreme Court's Mike Gableman received 32% ($108,500 of $336,367) of his contributions from out-of-State. Of individual contributions valuing $5,000 or greater, Mike Gableman received a total of $130,000, and $95,000 of that (73%) came from out-of-State donors.* So why is the WISGOP bitching now?

What, they don't consider the above money well spent?

Making up the law doesn't come cheap.**

* And $70K of that $95K came rolling in during the waning days of Gableman's campaign, when the candidate was growing so desperate he concocted a teevee ad that three appeals court judges found to have violated two separate provisions of the State code of judicial ethics.

Gableman is classy too, in addition to everything else.

** Nor does playing the role of law maker-upper facilitator.

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Anonymous said...

I think it would be better if entities would be limited to contributing to media to help cover costs of campaigns.

The revenue will never be eliminated because its needed but perhaps it can be diverted directly to TV, Radio, Newspapers, Bloggers, magazines, etc. for legitimate coverage purposes.