August 7, 2011

New face of crazy

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Anonymous said...

Cue the stabbing violin music from Psycho...

illusory tenant said...

There's an excellent Bernard Herrmann website.

Anonymous said...

Can't go wrong in politics calling women crazy, by god.

illusory tenant said...

From your same website.

Anonymous said...

That one made me laugh so hard. I thought maybe she'd had a career change moment and went to work as a NASCAR poster grrrl.


All their "Pictures from Iowa" make me miss Crawford County.

But seriously, instead of calling Bachmann crazy, why not call her a church-and-state-boundary-destroyer?

We need a whole new lexicon of political vilification. One that matches what's actually happening, rather than the old stuff people can't seem to stop using to evade the issues at hand.

Thanks IT.