August 18, 2011

Ron Johnson is complaining about something again

Oshkosh plastics millionaire Ron Johnson, this "sorry excuse for a senator," has called "to ensure that all meetings of the supercommittee are noticed to the public, that the public be allowed to attend meetings, and that the meetings be broadcast live." That's the same Ron Johnson who was outraged that Russ Feingold might engage in foreign policy debate, in public, in Congress, as if then-Senator Feingold would PowerPoint troop movements, like Johnson's Fox News chum Geraldo.

The polystyrene mogul vowed to conduct such communications only in private with the President, some of whose constitutional powers, incidentally, Ron Johnson actually believes he lawfully possesses.

Johnson, who earned the nickname "Sunspots" after lecturing Wisconsinites on Northern European geology of the Mesozoic Era, was reportedly both shocked and appalled to learn that topics in U.S. foreign policy were being discussed on the Senate floor by federal lawmakers.

In particular, Feingold's practical and philosophical objections to the American military presence in Afghanistan which, last I checked, was an item of some concern to a large number of citizens and a matter of national security, which conservatives of Johnson's far-right ilk will otherwise tell you is the main reason* Congress exists in the first place.

One of the more prominent items on the super committee's agenda is defense spending, which stands to sustain a half a trillion dollars worth of cuts. So obviously there is to be considerable discussion, especially by those who oppose slashing the military's budget, of specific allocations and projects, which in turn reveal glimpses on the Pentagon's global strategy. Yet Johnson would have us believe that such public revelations would be of less interest to overseas adversaries than Russ Feingold's entering a New York Times editorial into the Congressional Record.

Ron Johnson doesn't really think things through very far, does he.

* If not the sole reason.


Anonymous said...

Is Pres Obama transforming the Democrat party with the recent bus tour into rural areas of the country and by recent reports of outcries from the black community that he is ignoring them even though they have the largest unemployment rate in the country?

It appears to me that a paradigm shift may be in the works to return the black vote to the Republican party and the Military vote to the Democrat party.

This is worth watching because the Republican party hold the purse strings and jobs and it also is worth noting that the CEO of Starbucks has been on national news encouraging the corporate community to start spending their large financial reserves on hiring people.

The political mess we find ourselves in appears to be in the negotiating stages to solve our countries financial and healthcare problems.

gnarlytrombone said...

Black people will also reclaim rock n' roll.