August 23, 2011

WISGOP failed, despite Steve Walters's best efforts

It says here:
The Republican Party of Wisconsin will tell you that the staff was young and had never run such a campaign before. They are right.
But Steve Walters made Kim Simac look perfectly sane.

See, you got to let the old hands do the job.

h/t Robert Mentzer.

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Mike said...

Highly entertaining article apparently by a rank-and-file Republican who is disgusted by his party's performance in the Simac debacle. It's not clear exactly where he fits in, because he lauds Kim for collecting the signatures, but seems to think she wasn't that hot a candidate.

He disses the paid out-of-state signature collectors, but they produced an awful lot of signatures - every single sheet was posted at the GAB as a pdf at one point.

The DPW is working a lot better with their allied activists. Sort of textbook, actually, with different groups taking up what they are best at - us rank-and-file DFHs collecting signatures, the party running good candidates and winning elections.