August 15, 2011

Kim Simac: An extreme Republican generating fear

I found her knowledge of economics, taxation, health care, education and governance to be incomplete and often inaccurate.
Kim Simac a conversational narcissist, sez Northwoods libertarian

Funny thing is, none of that will detract Republican voters tomorrow.

In fact, it will likely make her an even more attractive choice.


Mike said...

Like Craig Gilbert keeps saying, we are a 50-50 state. The key is to establish that she's a whack job. Even some conservatives aren't up for that (see Dave VanderLeest), not to say independents and sane people.

There is some progress in this regard, with endorsements from newspapers and the NRA. This one from the Wausau Daily Herald is well framed for moderate voters, taking Holperin mildly to task for fleeing the state, but putting it into context and arguing that he is much the superior candidate.

Anonymous said...

"Like Craig Gilbert keeps saying, we are a 50-50 state."

But not for LOCAL elections. I'm prepared for Simac pulling off the upset. I hope that I am wrong. And based on the comments to the article that Illy-T provided, there are a number of voters who have such disdain for Democratic policies, that is the sole reason they will vote for her. They seemingly do not care about Simac's views. But it's the same way when there is a qualified GOP'er and the D candidate has little or nothing to bring to the table. Works both ways.

Again, if we are a "50-50" state, then recalling Walker is going to be a crapshoot. I'm a gambling man, and I say go for it, but if Democrats lose, I contend it will be a major blow.

illusory tenant said...

Unsolicited advice to Democrats: The crazier you portray her, the more attractive she becomes to conservative voters. I would almost say the principle is axiomatic to American politics.

Mike said...

All well taken. I still contend there is a (perhaps receding) middle ground of sane voters who are subject to persuasion.

One thing the political season has shown is that both sides are mobilized. A candidate like Simac accentuates that, definitely bringing out the wingers, but bringing out out our guys too. And, with any luck, moderates who push against her. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Anony 10:43 a.m. here...good stuff, Mike!

Ron R said...

Hope she beats one of our senators representing Rockford!

Mike said...

According to PPP, Holperin is up by double digits. Their record for weekend-before polls in the recalls is decent -- see this account by commenter GeoffT.

illusory tenant said...

I call 'em Nostradamus. (Ron R is the eternal optimist.)