August 13, 2011

Justice Prosser will hear his own attorney's case

Who happens to be — you guessed it —James Troupis:
"This relationship is one of those thumbs on the scale." "Prosser should step aside now." "It's a bad idea to stay on the case."
Say three different legal ethicists.

This space pointed to the Prosser/Troupis connection four months ago.

The parties and attorneys are like a rogues' gallery of WISGOP swells.*

Looks good, huh?

* Plus a few out-of-State agitators.


Mike said...

Forget about recalls, this f*cker's going to get impeached before he's done. Not by the current legislature, granted, but his term lasts for ten years.

illusory tenant said...

Prosser still has a "campaign director." Even the judges are in permanent campaign mode.

Mike said...

Not only does he have a campaign director, but he is the one announcing that Prosser isn't going to recuse himself.

illusory tenant said...

Good point. Once upon a time the judiciary was careful to distinguish itself from the other two "political branches." Those days are over.

Anonymous said...

It appears that he is thumbing his nose at the people to see if anyone is paying attention to what is happening in our courts.