August 13, 2011

Sex offender splits from WISGOP candidate's home

"I had no way of knowing."
WISGOP candidate Jonathan Steitz said he could not have known his tenant had a record as a sex offender because the man was a minor when the offense occurred and the records are sealed.
That may be the case in Wisconsin, but in Minnesota if the offender was 16 and if the offense was felony-grade, then the court's records are available for public inspection. Mr. Steitz, who is an attorney, shouldn't just assume that court records laws are equivalent from State to State.
I thought it was kind of a joke but then I heard about it on WisEye and asked about it and he's well known for going to fish fries and things like that. — WISGOP candidate Jonathan Steitz
Hello? In Wisconsin, that's like mocking the guy for being a Packers fan.

Or loving his mom and her apple pie.

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