August 2, 2011

This is rich, or, This is Rick

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel publishes an op-ed piece by Rick Esenberg complaining about dishonest political advertising entitled, "Recall ads distort reality." Esenberg is a supporter and admirer of Mike Gableman, who ran a political advertisement so dishonest he violated two separate provisions of the Wisconsin code of judicial ethics.

Irony is dead, and shame has gone away, in Fitzvanwalkerstan.

Oh, and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel also published an op-ed piece by Matt Seaholm, State director of the Koch vehicle Americans For Prosperity, who yesterday was revealed to have sent absentee ballot application forms to Democratic voters, instructing them to submit the paperwork two days after the election is held next week. And the MJS is reportedly considering setting up a paywall in 2012. Good luck with that.


Anonymous said...

Irony and shame require a modicum of honesty, fairness and an awareness of hypocrisy. Three characteristics that are lacking in our states current political climate.

gnarlytrombone said...

"I have not yet seen an ad in which a Republican senator is accused of hating puppies"

Do try to keep up, Rick.

Display Name said...

In other words:


* not an official form

Don't Turn This In Until August 11*

*not intended to be a factual statement

Jim said...

Most of those reader comments should be behind more than just a paywall

Anonymous said...

What we need is for more people who support ending the (failed)European style goverment running for office here in the US. We want our elected reps running the gov...knowing that they can freely do the will of the people.

Rick Esenberg said...

You might have informed your readers that I criticized Gableman's ad at the time that it ran. In fact, my criticism - and that of Charlie Sykes - was cited by Rob Henak in his motion to recuse Justice Gableman in Allen.

illusory tenant said...

Will you be admonishing WRTL, or do you have some affiliation with that outfit that prevents you from doing so?

Display Name said...

Uh oh. Prof. Shh 'n Shh wants to remind you that he's no Gableman defender!

While he'll call the Gableman ad "misleading," he still hasn't figured out whether this AFP/WRTL/Wi-Force ballot form is misleading.

Amazing how those groups all share graphic design, hmm?