August 25, 2011

Justice Prosser has two press agents

Really, this 48-point bold triumphalism is so very tacky.

And again, why does a sitting Supreme Court justice have two Republican Party spokespersons, one his campaign manager?

Non-partisan office my foot.


grumps said...

You'd think a sitting justice would understand the difference between "not enough evidence to charge" and "cleared of all charges."But then, you'd think a person that understood his place on the Earth, with a modicum of humility and human grace would have made do with a simple, "thank you," to all involved and a pledge to avoid the appearances of a lack of judicial civility.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this "release" couldn't have been any less useful. Much like Brian Schmming's radio chatter, it lacks any of the snarky smarter-than-you style of Charlie Sykes or the punchy outlandish hyperbole of Joe Wieneke, so apparently the point has to be made in the headline if at all. But why not just go right ahead and put the press release on WisGOP letterhead to give it some legitimacy, doesn't Schimming have any leftover from his days at the GOP caucus in the 1990s when working under Prosser?

Anonymous said...

"Throughout this incident, I knew it was going to be important to have patience. And Mike and Annette."