August 17, 2011

Quote of the day, PPP-undermining edition

Reports the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:
A comfortable win for Holperin, though not quite the 14% margin one poll from Public Policy Polling was predicting Monday.
PPP wasn't predicting any 14% margin. It had the incumbent Democrat Jim Holperin at 55%, the WISGOP challenger Kim Simac at 41%, and undecideds at 4%. Jim Holperin in fact got 55% and according to PPP's numbers, the undecideds went to Kim Simac. You can't undermine PPP simply because some poll respondents claimed to have not made up their minds by the weekend. IOW, PPP called Senate District 12 on the nose.


morninmist said...

I saw that a bit earlier and asked the author to provide a link but so far he has not responded.

morninmist said...

I found this.there is graph at the site. Projections graft related to shifts as the night went on and votes came in. I do not really understand it.

Looks like they aimed a little high (1+ / 0-)

Still think the model is slow in adjusting to what is coming in for the 22nd, however in the 12th, it has taken note of Holperin's performance slowing down... though maybe it is about to pick back up.

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