August 26, 2011

Ron Johnson to "lecture" on the Constitution

Those poor kids.

Perhaps he'll explain his executive branch powers.
Constitution Day, recognized nationally on Sept. 17, commemorates the ratification of the Constitution in 1787 and encourages students to become informed citizens.
Actually it was ratified in June, 1788. It was signed in 1787.


Anonymous said...

in other news, emmett kelly has just been hired as editor of gentleman's quarterly.

Boxer said...

Better have a real constitutional scholar sitting in the back taking notes so that fact discrepancies can be corrected later.

Hey--I thought there were already too many lawyers in the Senate. So one of the few who ISN'T one is now speaking on the subject? Say it ain't so, RoJo!

illusory tenant said...

UW-Oshkosh poli sci file not found.

Maybe they resigned in protest.

Anonymous said...

You said "RoJo", which I take to mean Ron Johnson. Any possible connection between Ron Johnson and Rep Robin Vos's "RoJos Popcorn Co.". Is that who Vos bought it from?