July 24, 2010

Wow, Christian Schneider actually has a point

For once:
[Mike McCabe's] views on this subject, on which he is constantly being cited by [Wisconsin] media,* appear driven by politics, despite the fact that the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is a supposedly nonpartisan operation.
Mr. Schneider's suggestion is well taken. The WDC is about as nonpartisan as Schneider's Wisconsin Policy Research Institute.

* Truth be told, I find this baffling as well.


xoff said...

The media love goo-goos, and McCabe is always avaialble to give a biting quote and call someone a crook when a reporter has uncovered something and needs a source to condemn the perpetrator.

McCabe, who tried and failed to get elected himself, concluded that the entire system -- and anyone who wins -- is corrupt.

Sort of the Garvey School of Government philosophy: I didn't win (and I'm the greatest candidate ever). So if someone else wins, they must have sold out.

Anonymous said...

Okay wow.
Way to snipe there, Slick Willie.
No small-fry Comment-whore could touch what you just did there - you just over-loaded and broke my Contempt-o-meter.
I'm no McCabe groupie by any stretch and I find it ironic that he doesn't have to declare his money sources and yeah, he's pretty partisan, so the "Law" needs to catch up with that if even so the "Left" doesn't look like it's one big pile of Double Standard.

But the guy just does what everyone does - uses whatever persona gets his point across. I believe most people just perceive that point to be "money has a corrupting influence". Who in hell can say that isn't true and hasn't been true since the first Caveman ran for Cave Czar. Jeezus.

I've attended Democracy Campaign sponsored discussions and that isn't at all what it was like. Not at all. In fact it was a room full of women discussion women's roles in politics. Sorry about that, if it gets in your way. That damn McCabe, wasting people's time like that.

And okay so you hate Garvey but um... I don't see anyone else working hard to provided a yearly venue where people can collect and feel regenerated. That's a hell of a contribution right there. Average people who aren't "big name boys" really enjoy attending that thing and it helps them stay enthused about the Democratic side of things. And more than once I've seen Garvey dig down and come up with some pretty convoluted logic just to support/justify some embarrassing idiocy from a Democrat.

If those guys suck so hard for the ways they have generated discussion (whether they're right every time they open their mouths or not) then anyone else can't possibly hope to be as good as you Cool Kids and they/we all might as well just shut the hell up lay down and die.

I'm a Goo-goo, you're a Goo-goo, all God's chillin's iz Goo-goos.

illusory tenant said...

Goo Goo Muck