July 15, 2010

Now Ron Johnson wants BP to drill for free

Ron Johnson would have voted to approve relief from royalty payments on BP's lease in Mississippi Canyon Block 252, where crude oil has been spewing into the Gulf of Mexico for nearly three months, described as the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.

Republican/Fox News/BP/Onetime-but-since-spurned Tea Party candidate for Senate Ron Johnson is running a teevee ad complaining about how he was totally for oil & gas drilling in the Great Lakes until a couple of days later, when he suddenly became adamantly opposed to it. Now apparently he's angry with himself for saying addlepated things and therefore he's lashing out against Russ Feingold.

Makes sense. If you're a Dick Morris protégé, that is. Which he is.

Another thing Ron Johnson is upset with Russ Feingold about is that Feingold opposed the Texas-driven Energy Policy Act of 2005, which contained tens of billions of dollars worth of subsidies and tax breaks to the hard-done-by oil & gas industry, including relief from paying royalties on deepwater oil drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico.

No wonder Ron Johnson would have voted with Texas representative and official British Petroleum apologist Joe Barton to relieve British Petroleum of its American public mineral rights obligations: Ron Johnson owns as much as $325K worth of British Petroleum stock.

Perhaps if you're going to lambaste somebody for opposing certain legislation, you might want to take a look and see what's in it.

After all, Ron Johnson has the bigtime political researcher now.


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