July 21, 2010

Journal Broadcast Group quote of the day

Milestones in shameless self-promotion:
I actually told James about it. He didn't think it was a big deal ... until Sykes called to interview him about it.
Via Folkbum.

Also, the Brawler notes that Charlie Sykes got as thoroughly and completely suckered by Breitblart as the NAACP and Tom Vilsack.

I caught a bit of the kerfuffle on CNN yesterday afternoon. Rick Sanchez and Roland Martin were onscreen, and they had Shirley Sherrod on the phone. Rick Sanchez was telling Ms. Sherrod to pipe down while Roland Martin (sans ascot) continued lecturing her about being careful what she said, because of the Breitblarts and their editing machinery, as if that should be her primary consideration.

Is he kidding? To hell with Breitblart.
"What's striking to me about this Department of Agriculture fracas is that everyone was so quick to jump to conclusions: Someone reports a few ambiguous comments out of context and, before checking with the woman or getting the whole story, concludes: 'She's a racist!'" said Richard Ford, a law professor at Stanford and author of "The Race Card: How Bluffing About Bias Makes Race Relations Worse."

"This is the way race plays out all too often these days — as soon as the accusation of racism is made, good will, the benefit of the doubt, presumption of innocence all go out the window. It's seen as a virtue to jump to the least charitable conclusion when the issue is race — those who reserve judgment are accused of naivete or complicity," he said.

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