July 19, 2010

Ron Johnson insists NY is not a Great Lakes State

A gift that keeps on giving:
Ron Johnson's campaign responded Thursday by providing links to three government and academic websites that divide the country into general regions, and don't include New York in their Great Lakes region. — The Associated Press
Funny, the "Tea Party" speaker deferring to both the federal government and the pointy-headed academics. How convenient.

Except Johnson was referring to "Great Lakes Senators" in his video ad. In the case of those government and academic websites, obviously the naming of the regions came after dividing them up.

It's like the Pacific Reporter, which includes Oklahoma and Kansas.

Ron Johnson should know that Senators represent States, not regions. But Ron Johnson may find some solace in the fact that the Cat Fanciers' Association likewise snubs both Wisconsin and Illinois.


Display Name said...

CFA Midwest has you covered. What's odd is that the first hit in googling "cat fanciers association wisconsin" is a fat-cat association.

xoff said...

The real test is membership in the Great Lakes Coalition, which includes eight states and two Canadian provinces and generally has oversight of Great Lakes policies on things like whether Waukesha can divert water. Whad'ya know? New York's part of it, ever since it was established in 1955.

Shameless self-promotion: More here.

Ron R said...

No Xoff, the real test for membership is if you can get your home grown president to ignore the other members by not blocking an invasive species from getting into the great lakes.