July 26, 2010

Ron Johnson's miracle blind trust can see again

Decisions, decisions, decisions:
On July 9, Ron Johnson's campaign said he would be moving his investments into a blind trust. — Associated Press*
What kind of a blind trust is that, where you're still personally involved in directing the retention or divesting of its assets?

Has it been to Lourdes or something?

* Further: "The campaign also said Johnson is entering all of his holdings into a blind trust to avoid any conflicts of interest."
— Mary Spicuzza, Wisconsin State Journal, 07/09/10

More: "'[The blind trust is] a traditional setup,' said Mordecai Lee, a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 'This is very common for wealthy candidates.'" — AP, 07/09/10

Eyesight To The Blind — Sonny Boy Williamson

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