July 31, 2010

Getting at the hole truth

"County officials have released only a small number of documents"
A change order was issued to make a few panels shorter to allow for more clearance. [That's a fact reported by the Journal-Sentinel.] The only panels this would apply to are the ones that vehicles pass under ... the ones over the [drivers]! IMO, the precaster [who fabricated the decorative panels] made the wrong end shorter (the top instead of the bottom) but had to keep the tops even so it looked right. To do this, the holes then didn't align. So direction was probably given by somebody to drill the 1/2" rods into it.
She/he might be on to something there. Although the dimensional change would need to have been transmitted to the fabricator on documents resembling Spinal Tap's print for their Stonehenge prop.

Because it's hard to imagine how the fabricator could have mistaken the lip for the leg without a massive breakdown in communication.

But it may not be purely coincidental that the one of the 70 panels on the building that fell was the one subject to a contract change order.

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