July 28, 2010

Does the ADA know what "blogging" means?

Because 'web logging' doesn't mean reading the local news:
On that county computer, we found extensive blogging activity, including blogging of a political nature ...
Inquring minds want to know.

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Display Name said...

Does it mean reading blogs? Writing posts for your own blog? Posting a comment at someone else's blog? What's a blog? Is it JSOnline's comment area? Is it only a blog under your own control?

If we assume that the County's policy on computer usage allows some minimal personal surfing as long as it doesn't offend your boss, it's a much greater leap to suggest that simple political speech is prohibited.

Some actions are already prohibited. Explicit campaigning by employees is already prohibited. You can't use a county computer to host your own web site. You can't pretend to be an official spokesman for the County if you're not.

In Darlene Wink's case, if she had only been reading Walker web sites, there might be no reason to resign.