July 19, 2010

Wisconsin Senate race: Overheard on CNN

'The Senate is not an entry-level job.'
Ron Johnson became a politician in May, because Dick Morris.


Anonymous said...

You and the Big X better get your talking points down.


illusory tenant said...

"Moews has 16 years in law enforcement and is a homicide lieutenant in the Milwaukee Police Department."

"I have been a member of the Milwaukee Police Department for 14 years, and currently serve as a Police Lieutenant in the homicide division. Prior to my most recent promotion, I served for nearly three years on the Milwaukee Police Association Board, where I fought to defend the working rights of those sworn to protect us. I began my career as a Police Officer in Fox Point. I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where I studied criminal justice ... " -- Chris Moews

Not sitting on the couch watching Fox News.