July 31, 2010

Ron Johnson's "screaming 20-somethings"

That's who's running his campaign for U.S. Senate, it says here.

May God, in His infinite mercy, help us all.

'The Senate is not an entry-level job.' ― Erick Erickson

eta: Candidate Ron Johnson flees from local reporters

This is known as giving them the Sharron Angle.


Kevin said...

Apparently after-hours activities are fair game now.

Grow up Tom.

illusory tenant said...

There are no after-hours in politics.

Zach W. said...

Get a thicker skin, Kevin.

And as Tom said, there is no after-hours in politics.

illusory tenant said...

Nor is there crying in [inside] baseball. By the way, the only activity I said anything about was "screaming." I couldn't care less what y'all do for R&R.