July 25, 2010

Feingold and the War Logs

While I am disappointed it did not pass, I am encouraged by the support my Afghanistan timetable amendment received, particularly by most of the Senate Democratic leadership. This amendment would have given the American people the information they deserve on when our massive, open-ended military operation in Afghanistan will end. Now, however, this supplemental will add some $30 billion more to the nearly $300 billion we’ve already spent in Afghanistan, with no end in sight. This cannot go on and is yet another reason why a flexible timetable for drawing down our troops in Afghanistan is necessary and appropriate.
Seems he's been on to something. For quite some time.

Senator Feingold has been highly skeptical of Pakistani assurances that its intelligence services have not been collaborating with anti-American insurgents inside Afghanistan. And now it turns out that Sen. Feingold's skepticism has been remarkably well placed.

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