July 25, 2010

Ron Johnson in a nutshell

Ron Johnson calls [the federal health care reform bill] "socialized medicine," while acknowledging that it is not that.
Why is Ron Johnson lying to Wisconsinites?
On Friday, Johnson said he did not think he ever heard the Great Lakes portion of the question. ... [Lake Michigan] freezes over at times, making drilling difficult, he said.
Where does he think Alaska is, on the Equator?


Heraldblog said...

I don't believe that ocean water freezes. On the other hand, Lake Michigan rarely freezes over from coast to coast. I remember Lake Superior did about 10 years ago, at least from the UP to Isle Royale. But that's rare.

Johnson is a buffoon. I hope he wins the primary. Feingold could campaign in blackface and still beat him.

Ron R said...

And Obama sai the health care mandate wasn't a tax, but now claims that it is.(For legal purposes anyway)

illusory tenant said...

Yep. Obama took my advice.