July 30, 2010

Has Scott Walker lost his marbles?

Walker blames way slab was hung*
All Advance Cast Stone [one of the O'Donnell Park parking garage construction subcontractors] needs to do is provide an analysis of the connection as installed, proving that it is capable of sustaining the minimum specified loads indicated on the construction drawings. . . .
Much as I had said, nearly a month ago.
[County executive Scott] Walker also lashed out at critics ...
I thought this guy was at least a relatively savvy politician. It seems very foolish of him to even acknowledge his own perceptions that those calling for the investigation to be handled by a body comprised of other than county officials are themselves motivated by politics.

Walker's reaction smacks almost of paranoia.

In Scott Walker's professional capacity as one of the persons in charge of the investigation at present, this appears extremely ill-advised and hints at his own lack of objectivity. Which is to say, not the sort of qualities you'd seek in a responsible investigator.

Let alone a State governor.
The county executive's latest remarks drew a strong reaction from the lawyer for Advance Cast Stone, the Random Lake precast concrete firm that built and installed the panels.
I guess so. That's all he needs, is Scott Walker trying his case.

If anybody wants a compelling reason to remove the investigation from Walker's control, I reckon Walker has just handed it to them.

On the other hand, maybe he knows what he's doing. But that's not the impression conveyed by the Journal-Sentinel's latest report.

* The original headline was: Walker sees no evidence other than concrete panel installation, which was a bit less accusatory.

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capper said...

Perhaps Walker was relying on his degree in structural engineering to make that call.

Of course, it was an honorary degree given to him by Cracker Jack University*, since he never did finish school.

*The next day, he got a water based tattoo decal of a pony.