July 16, 2010

Feingold aide implicated in espionage plot

Blogging Blue's proprietor Zach W. makes note of hysterics erupting among the local wing-nuts, upon their learning of the presence of a dastardly interloper at a Ron Johnson campaign event. But you'd have to be a fool not to follow what your political adversary is up to.

Especially when the adversary is Ron Johnson, who appears to be not only developing a habit of contradicting his own prior assertions within hours (and in one case rather expensively* projecting his comically dishonest denial), but reducing the United States Senate to 98% capacity** and the Great Lakes by 17,480 square miles.

I understand Republican/Fox News candidate Ron Johnson famously enthused he is "glad there is global warming," but that is ridiculous.

* Johnson has money to burn producing a growing collection of video ditties. Credibility is more precious and far more easily flammable.

** An assault on our constitutional freedoms!


xoff said...

At least RoJo didn't call the guy macaca. So far.

Anonymous said...

RoJo is leaving that for his friends like Charles Murray.