July 12, 2010

Ron Johnson's Belgian oil skimmers

Here's Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Ron Johnson rambling away about some stuff maybe he heard from Dick Morris:
"I think [the moratorium] is strictly a purely political move. [The Obama administration is] trying to cover their hide because they did not suspend the Jones Act so we could get all those skimmer ships in from Belgium." — June 21, 2010
Surprise: Ron Johnson is a shameless purveyor of buncombe.

First Ron Johnson said BP was guilty of negligence before all the facts were in, then he said it wasn't appropriate to speak of BP's negligence until all the facts were in. First Ron Johnson said he was all about drilling for oil & gas in the Great Lakes, then he said he was firmly opposed to drilling in the Great Lakes. Which nugget of political wisdom recently dispensed to Tea Party and nut-right radio interviewers is Ron Johnson going to utterly contradict next?

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