June 25, 2010

Terrence Wall stokes the far right against Johnson

Ron Johnson's Republican endorsement "incredibly suspicious"

The Republican Women of the North are "shocked."

Says one of the Rock River Patriots, before whom Ron Johnson's disastrous performance forced him to flee to the woodshed for nearly a week:
I've heard rumors that there was "funny business" going on at the convention from other TEA Party / Patriot Groups.
Affirmation of suspected "funny business" also appears at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel version of the Terrence Wall bombshell:
I was at the convention — this is NOT "out of thin air." I guess it would be difficult to understand if you weren't there, but, Ron's endorsement was incredibly suspicious.
I sent a letter to Ron Johnson and the RPW requesting an honest, prompt response to the allegations. I was a delegate who always felt robbed after the endorsement process. We need honesty and integrity in Madison and Washington DC. We need honest voting and results whether it be at the polls or at the convention. We need to demand this.
Best of all, the gang at RedState.com, where on Wednesday Ron Johnson was described as "contemptible, shameful, and disgusting":
Ron Johnson, Wisconsin candidate for U.S. Senate, is not, perhaps what he's been attempting to make himself out to be.
Terrence Wall will surely return with more. You don't campaign for months and months only to have some unknown character turn up out of nowhere and scoop the Party's official endorsement right from under your nose and then be expected to go lay down and be quiet.

Especially when the first thing that other character does is start ripping down his rivals' election posters off the convention wall.

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Ordinary Jill said...

Thank you for using the word "whom" correctly in a sentence.

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Jay Bullock said...

Whom aside, you blew this one:
. . . and then be expected to go lay down and be quiet.

This is one case where you want the candidate to lie.

illusory tenant said...

Must have lapsed into Canadian for a moment.

Anonymous said...

You guys talk real good.