June 30, 2010

Inside Ron Johnson's bag of dirty tricks

• hiring away my direct-mail vendor
• trying to hire away my staff at the [WISGOP] convention
• [fomenting] chaos during the balloting
• party official ordered my staffer to vote for Johnson
• delegate instructed to change his vote [to] Johnson
• man with a woman's credentials trying to vote
• unrecognizable individuals voting in [someone's] county
• County chair told to keep his mouth shut
• Republican "kingmakers" had kicked into high gear
• delegate stuffed a few [ballots] in his pocket
• hotel room paid for by Johnson in exchange for vote
• Johnson float[ed] rumors and lies about his opponents
• skipped Lincoln Day dinners, threw money around
"[W]e continue to hold other negative information on Ron Johnson in confidence. (No doubt the Democrats will take care of that.)"

Terrence Wall is bitter.


Anonymous said...

And he refuses to substantiate any of it...

illusory tenant said...

Well, he told the fundies the Earth is billions of years old, so he has a reputation for truthfulness.