June 15, 2010

Ron Johnson's Hip (and knee) Musings

One way the health care reform bill is going to assault your freedoms, GOP candidate Ron Johnson tells WisPolitics.com, is that hip and knee replacement surgeries will become miracles of the past:
Up in Canada right now if you're over 50 you really don't get one. That's when you need a knee replacement.
At least the second sentence is more or less accurate.

Of 43,805* knee replacements performed nationwide in 2006-07, only 1% were to persons under 45 and another 8% to those between 45 and 54. Replacement knee recipients aged 55 and over: 91%. Two-thirds of the operations were performed on folks who were 65 and older.

The same went for hip replacements. Of 28,664 procedures, 81% were for those 55 and older. These age demographics are identical to the ones recorded in the U.S. and the total number of operations is per capita roughly in line with the number of similar operations performed in the U.S., which has nine times Canada's population.

Feel free to frighten people about "Obamacare's assault on our Freedoms," but be so kind as to get your figures and facts straight.

Of course we all know that Canuckistan is the European Socialist Hell ne plus ultra. So there have to be some actual, real reasons for it.

Upon another notorious piece of federal law, Johnson muses:
I am really glad that we enacted the Patriot Act because I don't know how many Americans might have lost their lives or how many terrorist plots we wouldn't have foiled had it not been for the Patriot Act.
By the same token, Johnson presumably wouldn't have known either statistic if the Patriot Act hadn't been enacted. As a method of evaluating the efficacy of legislation, it's as innovative as insisting you don't get a knee replacement in Canada if you're over 50.

Incidentally, the Rutherford Institute's concern for the Fourth Amendment makes Russ Feingold look like Richard B. Cheney.

* Canadian Joint Replacement Registry Annual Report 06/16/09
That little-bit-of-Socialist-Hell registry, by the way, happens to be the envy of U.S. orthopedic surgeons from coast to coast.

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