June 13, 2010

Wisconsin Tea Party movement "swells"

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

It's "exploding in size," as it "flex[es] some muscles."

Wouldn't you need some numbers to support those claims? I can't locate any in this story, apart from the "80 tea party groups," many of which likely fit inside a breakfast nook. The Journal-Sentinel advises that "movement leaders [got] together this weekend" in Marshfield, but doesn't even bother to find out how many.

And this is some front page, above-the-fold stuff.

The story does contain one item of significance:
The Democrat seeking re-election in the Senate race, Russ Feingold, has cast votes against bank bailouts and the Patriot Act that match up with tea party views, his campaign says.

"We're going to fight for every voter in the state," said John Kraus, Feingold's senior campaign strategist. "We have a good record on many of the issues these folks care about."
Guns, too, their issue numero uno. I've been saying this for awhile.

Moreover, Russ Feingold has long been an independent critic of the U.S. conventional military response to global terrorism. As the Afghanistan mission continues to go south and the Tea Party cohort inevitably directs its ire against commander Obama's management, it may well be more sympathetic to Sen. Feingold's strategic proposals.

He ought to talk to them about that.

Russ Feingold certainly should court those voters, and can do so legitimately. Anybody who says Feingold is a straight liberal Democrat party-line politician either hasn't been paying attention or else is so brainwashed by AM radio bollocks they're barely worth speaking to.

There are a number of "Tea Party" candidates in Wisconsin (actually they're just Republicans counting on the "explosion" of supporters). I bet you never, ever heard of any of them, and probably never will.*

Face it, the impending demise of the two-party system is a fantasy.

In any event, Wisconsin Republicans want millionaires in Congress.

Plus ├ža change, ain'a?

* God bless 'em, though; they've got the courage and the convictions.

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