June 8, 2010

Slap Catholic also, says State GOP exec

A buried postscript to yesterday's religious war:
It would seem fair that if this is going to be used as a slap at Johnson, who's not even Catholic, there should also be an equal slap to the guy who actually killed the bill, since [Wisconsin Assembly majority leader Thomas] Nelson is also now running for State-wide office for the first time. (I believe Nelson is Catholic.) — WISGOP's Mark Jefferson
To clarify, Nelson is actually Lutheran. — reporter Dan Bice

The Chief is hosting fellow Oshkoshian Ron Johnson's testimony on the abominable Scribd.* The bill, which would have increased the statute of limitations for bringing actions alleging child sexual abuse, broadened the scope of corporate personhood uncomfortably beyond what conservative Republicans were rejoicing over not too long ago.

Johnson, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, testified that the bill could create even more victims of child sexual abuse and the only benefits he envisioned were to the accounts of "trial lawyers."

"Trial lawyers" is a term of art fashioned by political conservatives and translates roughly as "self-interested, rapacious scumbags who contribute disproportionately to Democratic politicians."

Milwaukee's Catholic archbishop Jerome Listecki also testified against the proposals. Listecki recently opposed Marquette University's hiring of a Catholic who happens to be a lesbian on the grounds she was unsuited for embracing correct church doctrine, but is apparently unopposed to the appointment of Lutherans who happen to be heterosexuals to the finance committees of local dioceses.

* Pee Dee Eff, pg. 27 of 88.

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Display Name said...

Oh, sure, they may be Lutherans, but which synod? WELS? ELCA? Missouri Synod? Just what we need. Voting by religion.